meta, oil on linen by Canadian contemporary artist barbra edwards, gulf islands, BC
June 29 2017
Paintings Off to Ontario

An invitation to show with some dear friends in my old stomping grounds just north of Toronto is happening in July. If you are in Ontario this summer and can drop by, here are the dates:

Flesherton Art Gallery
22 Collingwood Street
Flesherton, ON

S u m m e r  G r o u p  S h o w
opening:    F r i d a y   J u l y  7    7 p.m.  -  until dark
(show runs through the summer, in conjunction with Local Colour's annual 26th Art Garden)

Flesherton is a preferred stop for many Toronto folk on their way north to cottage country. If you haven't visited this fun and quirky gallery, pssst, there are some gems by some well known artists hidden in drawers and hanging on the gallery walls.
Here are some of the artists showing over the summer:

Harold Klunder, Nancy De Boni, Jean Francis, Barbra Edwards, Louise Moore, Catherine Thornley Carmichael, Joan Hawksbridge, Tammy Ratcliffe, Mel Earle, Cynthia Porter, Kate Esplen, Jon Oelrichs, Mel Earle , Evelyne Richer, Mary Sheppard, Carolynn Bloomer, Vera Dernovsek, Louise + Daniel Moore, Terry Golletz, Pearl VanGeeset...

Paintings at this show, 'Meta' oil on linen, 'Fresh Air', 'Beach Series 11' both mixed media, are on their way to Toronto. I'd love to be at that opening party!


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