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March 15 2013
Exploring Oil + Wax

Since my last gallery show of paintings using cold wax and oil, both clients and other artists are asking lots of questions! One of the unique characteristics of this medium is the ‘finish’ of the painting. It actually is real bee’s wax that gives a matt-waxy glow to the work, a texture people seem fascinated with. Some painters buff up (completely dried) paintings to bring up a sheen. I leave my pieces as they are, enjoying  the depth created by the waxy oil. You can see some of these paintings right here on this site. 

To find out more about this medium you can read about it on line at manufacturer’s sites such as Gamblin Artists Colors or R & F Handmade Paints. Following are two artists who offer excellent workshops in cold wax methods. I’ve mentioned Canadian artist Janice Mason Steeves in my April 2012 'News' posting. You can also contact Rebecca Crowell in the U.S. for her courses and info. Here is Rebecca’s blog on oil + wax.


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