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December 22 2020
a fine balance

With our one day of gorgeous winter white yesterday we also lost hydro power. So it became a free day to sit by the fireplace, read and put my plans of sending out Solstice greetings on hold.

My favourite read so far this winter is Hamnet & Judith. read more on Maggie O' Farrell's book HERE

"The trees could be seen from the back windows,mar

tossing their restless heads on a windy day,

                                 shaking their bare and twisted fists in winter."                                

                                                                       Maggie O' Farrell

I've been spending more time outside these pandemic months which has intensified my love affair with this place we call home. I’ve had the gift of time to absorb the textures, smells and energy of these west coast surroundings. The studio has been quiet recently, while I play music and pull out earlier paintings alongside new work, reflecting on their path and gathering ideas for the coming year.

A song playing in the studio today is Mercy Now  by Mary Gauthier

which speaks to these times we're living in. Listen HERE  

OK, I have been making some small paintings in that quiet studio, left is a loose mixed media piece I'm fond of and it kind of fits with Christmas. 

Lockdown is definitely feeling pretty tired. It’s a fine balance as most of us are doing our part to stay close to home, yet connection feels needed more than ever.  One of my best mood shifters these days is quick snaps from friends and family. It might include an opinion about a film or article or a painting that's not working or lights being hung in a corner window. Someone’s photos capture a heartbeat in time and share bits and pieces of their life. They’re sending an instant moment of energy, love and ‘hey I’m here thinking of you’. This connection isn’t new but now it’s edited into moments as we all go about our lives.

So from our home to yours enjoy my snaps of twinkling lights on our table along with an image of the precious West Coast forest. Next year I look forward to sharing exciting new paintings and spending valued face to face time with friends as we have BEFORE.

Finally, the newest member in our family, Averie May joins me in saying a heartfelt goodbye to 2020 and welcoming in 2021.


I wish you gentle moments of joy during these difficult times. I wish you time to disconnect and watch the clouds float by, then reset for a fresh new year.
Happy Holidays!

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