by barbra edwards, abstract art on Pender Island, BC, Canada
December 17 2012
A fresh direction

While in California this past few weeks, I fell and broke my wrist. No, not my painting hand, the first thing everyone asks, but still I’m quite amazed at how many things one cannot do and how everything takes much longer with only five fingers.

That in combination with taking my very tiny watercolour set with me on my trip, has produced another shift in my work. When I first began painting it was with watercolours but it’s been some time since I’ve used them. On this past road trip I painted small studies on the beach; while listening to the seagulls, the crashing waves, watching children laughing as they scampered about, couples nuzzling each other as they wandered. I found en plein air freeing, with no preconceived idea about what I was painting or what colours I would work with.

I’m pleased happy with the fragmented looseness of the studies and plan on exploring something similar in my larger soon as this splint comes off. arghhhh

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