by barbra edwards, Canadian abstract artist on Pender Island, BC, Canada
April 30 2012
Love Affair with Paint Continues - with a twist

This passion I have with oil paint is about it’s glorious texture, and unique ability to transform into something surprisingly alive as it drys. (unlike acrylic for example, which is after all only plastic) However I’ve been wanting to stretch out and push in new directions. Some kind of change was needed, yet I was reluctant to leave my true love; oil.

Ta da! Cold wax with oil! I decided to soak up some new technical ‘know-how’ from my friend Janice Mason Steeves who has been painting with cold wax/oil for sometime.This method is not as toxic or involved as encaustic and gives me that buttery, fabulous texture I adore working with. It is often painted on wood panel to provide the necessary support so the wax doesn’t crack. A combination of completely different tools are used and this gives a fresh new look to my work. You can see the beginnings of my new pieces in the web gallery using this combo of mediums. I think you’ll like this new direction... (detail above: of one of my new paintings)

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