July 3 2014
SHIFT - exploring layers of perspective

Working on the statement for my summer exhibition SHIFT on Salt Spring Island. It's been inpiring working together for the first time with fibre artist Fiona Duthie... 

A collaboration by Barbra Edwards, visual artist, with Fiona Duthie, fibre artist, at Salt Spring Island's ArtCraft Gallery.

Barbra’s current work explores the dialogue between one form and another. She uses line to suggest movement, substance, or layers of perspective; what used to be or what exists in the present. In some paintings obvious line separation offers a statement on how each of us observe things from our personal point of view. This new series is textured, often with vibrant colours surrounded by calm, atmospheric space.

Fiona's work in this exhibition features new sculptural felt garments that use geological surfaces created through fabric manipulation, stratified textiles and mapping imagery to explore biography.

There is a natural flow and relationship between what both artists are creatively saying in their respective art forms.

The opening night gala from 6-8pm at Artcraft's Mahon hall will include an unmissable catwalk show starting promptly at 6.30 pm, so please make plans to join us!

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