In the Skin of the Forest - Show by Barbra Edwards on Salt Spring Island, BC
August 26 2011
Let the Show begin

It took the better part of a day working with Showcase Gallery director Helen Mears to hang my show, in spite of her comment that "this show just hung itself". Her curating skills were superb at merging the three-dimensional assemblages by Salt Spring Island basket-maker Debbie Magnusson as they twisted and contorted below my paintings. Both paintings and sculptures retained their own space for the viewer while bringing an added dimension to the show.

There was a buzz around town with two additional openings on the same evening as In The Skin of the Forest, which made good fun for gallery-goers. The opening was wonderfully successful; there is something special about 150 people wandering about a creative space, taking time for conversation and munchies while (hopefully!) absorbing the show. I was thrilled with the support of so many friends, some who came from quite a distance! The pics above give you a feel of the show.

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