kimmsooja unfolding exhibition visited by gulf islands artist barbra edwards
November 22 2013

I just returned from seeing KIMSOOJA Unfolding at the Vancouver Art Gallery. This is the first retrospective of the thirty year career of the Korean-born, Paris/NY-based artist. I wasn’t expecting the emotional response I had to the exhibition. It was a tactile, intelligent, visually explosive presentation of her concepts. I found the calm energy in the rooms and the lighting beautifully positioned on the bottari - objects wrapped in vibrant Korean fabrics, particularly beautiful to contemplate. 

It’s always about timing I realize. Impossible to explain but Kimsooja’s story of her transition from painting to working in video and fabric had a huge impact on me in terms of how we really look at another person’s creativity...and how each of us continually shifts in our own creative exploration.

Creativity can present a surprise you don’t expect. I went back a second time just to absorb. See more photos on my facebook page. You can watch a video of her exhibition by clicking here on the VAG site. 



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