December 15 2011
Visiting SAM

With completion of some terrific design work from the team at Hermani + Sorrentino Design, my new web site has now gone 'live'. The language of painting is one thing, now comes the challenge of the written word to communicate something about my work, my process, my inspiration. If you spend time on my site, bear with me as the beginnings of my random thoughts fall happily onto the screen.

I’ve just come back from seeing the huge Picasso exhibition at the SAM in Seattle, Washington. The sheer volume of his work brought in from the Musée National in Paris; paintings, sculpture, drawings and prints was inspiring. Picasso’s use of colour surrounding a huge swath of monochrome in the same painting was interesting to see. I'd seen photos of a gorgeous bronze sculpture of a goat standing next to Picasso as he sat with his family on their terrace in France. My skin tingled; now I was standing beside that very same goat. Although photographs were not allowed in the exhibition, I shot some intricately detailed African masks (which you’ll see above) used in the entry to the Picasso exhibition. He too was one of many artists so heavily influenced by African art.

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