artist's statement

Canadian, contemporary artist barbra edwards in her studio on Pender Island, BC

Paintings evolve as I continue to spend time in the natural environment and document that exploration along the way. Nature as subject matter is infinite and fluid in its offerings. Its transformations and how I view them are what keeps my art practice fresh and new for me.

Coming out of a time period where I was painting non-objectively, there is a shift back to use of a definite subject. Some work is figurative, alluding to our connection to animal life, while other paintings offer the simple essence of what I’ve experienced on a road trip.  I’m painting the human relationship and it’s entanglements with nature.

Moving from drawing to painting to printmaking, or a combination of these… informs and expands qualities in the work to add clarity to the story.  My challenge is to give content and depth to the work, which offers the viewer an opportunity to take the time for sustained conversation.


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